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2SSRS will always have my business

Ofer is a great guy and not a typical business man. Easy to deal..

V6owner (camaro5)

Back-up camera, glove box light and under dash lights!

Gen5 has great products. Install was easy. I had one question and..


Added fogs to my LS THANKS 2SSRS!!

Ok everyone I got a harness built by Ofer (2SSRS) and all I can ..

2011Camaro (camaro5)

Excellent Customer Service!!!

I ordered a harness because I was doing a ZL1 front bumper on my ..

Chris Morra Jr

Quick shout-out too Ofer for being awesome!

Hey guys, just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Ofer (2SSRS an..

X3n0s52 (camaro5)

6.0 LS2 (364c.i.)

6.0 LS2 (364c.i.)
6.0 LS2 (364c.i.) 10.9 compression 05-07 Vette, 05-06 SSR and GTO, 06-07 CTS-V, 06-09 Trailblazer SS 
These are the common stock cam specs:
Duration at .050 - 204/211
Lift with 1.7 - .525/.525
Lobe separation 116
These Cam Motion hydraulic roller cams designed for 6.0 LS2 engines provide large increase in mid range and top end power without loss of drivability. Smooth cam lobe design provides quiet valve train operation and excellent upper rpm stability. Three bolt heavy duty 8620 aircraft quality steel cam cores ensure excellent durability for your build. Stall speed torque converters and increased rear gear ratios suggested with the larger durations. 
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LS 2 Stage 1 (Mild Street Cam)
Grind # XA212/325-XA216/315-15+5 Duration at .050 - 212/216 Lift with 1.7 - .552/.535 Lo..
LS 2 Stage 2 (Street Cam)
Grind XA222/340-XA228/330-14+4 Duration at .050 - 222 Lift with 1.7 - .578/561 Lobe sepa..
LS 2 Stage 3 (Wild Street Cam)
Grind XA228/355-XA232/340-14+4 Duration at .050 - 228/232 Lift with 1.7 - .603/.578 Lobe..