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Non-RS to RS Headlight Harness #2 (2010-2013)

Non-RS to RS Headlight Harness #2 (2010-2013)
Non-RS to RS Headlight Harness #2 (2010-2013)
Brand: Gen5DIY Camaro
Product Code: NONRS-2
Price: $170.00

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This is a plug and play (PnP) harness that will let you use RS headlights in a 2010-2013 non RS camaro.   Unlike our other harness, this harness actually turns your existing foglamps into the daytime running lamps, just as a RS car would have.(if your car came with fog lights from GM)  So during the day your foglamps will be on as your DRL's and your headlamps will not.  Your foglamps will still operate via switch when your headlamps are on. The adapter gets pluged into the OEM connector and the other end gets plugged into your new RS headlight.  Gen5 also offers, as an option, a way to have your halo's on anytime the car is running, not just with headlamp operation.  For those with LS models that dont have foglamps, please select the halo's always on option and the halo's will become your DRL's.. This harness is deisgned to work only with genuine GM RS headlights and not aftermarket replica's.  If you have purchased aftermarket "replica's" please contact us prior to ordering..



Step 1: After installing your new headlamps into the car, you are going to simply plug our connector inline with each existing headlamp connector and run the other connector behind the passenger side headlamp and down into the front bumper area.

Step 2: Turn your steering wheel all the way to the left to gain access to the passenger side wheel well.

Step 3: Remove the 3 (T-20) torx screws from the wheel well.  Move the liner out of the way to gain access to the forward lamp harness

Step 4: Locate the forward lamp harness connector and unplug and install our connector inline with this connector.


Step 5: Reinstall the wheel well liner.

Step 6: For those that selected the halo's always on function.  Locate the #15 fuse slot in the underhood fuse block and remove the 5 amp fuse and install the 5 amp fuse into the vacant add-a-fuse cavity.  Install the add-a-fuse into the #15 fuse slot.

Step 7: Verify operation of headlamps.  In daytime mode your existing foglamps should now be your DRL's.  In order to verify daytime function you will either need a helper or park your vehicle in front of a window.  Make sure the car is running and is in bright daylight, emergency brake released, and automatic's must be in gear.  This will put the vehicle in daytime running light mode.



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