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ZL1 DRL Harness(Retains Daytime Function)

ZL1 DRL Harness(Retains Daytime Function)
ZL1 DRL Harness(Retains Daytime Function)
Brand: Gen5DIY Camaro
Product Code: ZDR1
Price: $55.00 $52.50
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This harness is for OEM ZL1's, not for those who did a ZL1 front end conversion. If you did the front end conversion, this is the harness you'll need: ZL1 Fog Light Harness .  This harness makes it so that your DRLs will retain current daytime function and will also be on whenever your ZL1 headlamps are on.  Fits all 2012-2015 ZL1's...

Step 1- Turn the wheels all the way to left to gain access to the screws on the passenger side fender well liner

Step 2- Remove the 3 (T20) torx screws holding the fender liner to the bumper.  ZL1 owners also remove the 3 screws under the bumper. This will allow you access to the forward lamp harness connector.

Step 3- Locate the forward lamp harness and disconnect.

Step 4- Plug our harness inline

Step 5- Reconnect the other end of the harness to our harness.

Step 6- Verify operation.  With headlamps on your DRL's should also be on.

Step 7- Reinstall fender liner screws.


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