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H11 7.5 watt 4300k

H11 7.5 watt 4300k
Brand: Gen5DIY LED Sun
Product Code: H11-7.5-WAT-4300K
Price: $54.00
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Gen5DIY offers these 7.5watt 4300k H11 led bulbs.  They are very close to the headlamp output of the ZL1.  Sold per pair

International Freight Customers Please Contact For More Accurate Pricing Prior to Ordering

Step1- RH side.  Turn the wheels all the way to the left and remove the 6 torx screws(T20) holding the fender liner to the bumper. There are 3 in the wheel well and 3 under the bumper.  Once these screws are removed you will have access to the back side of the bulb housing.

Step2- Disconnect the connector from the bulb and remove the old bulb by twisting out.

Step3- Install new bulb and reattach the connector.

Step4- Reinstall the fender liner screws.

Step5- Turn the wheels all the way to the right and repeat the above steps for the LH side.

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