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Quick shout-out too Ofer for being awesome!

Hey guys, just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Ofer (2SSRS an..

X3n0s52 (camaro5)

non rs to Rs

very good product. you'd have to be brain dead not to be able to ..

Rob Shuba

2016 GMC Canyon DRL Disable Harness

Jarod took care of me on the DRL harness for are 2016 GMC Canyon ..

Wesley Showard

GEN5DIY 5 Star Quality & Service

Halo harness is 5 star EOM quailty. OFER will respond to all ques..

Mike NJ

First Time--I'll Be A Lifetime Customer

Nordstrom level customer service is what I noticed and appreciate..

Kenneth Goodson

DRL Conversion Harness

These harnesses allow you to alter the function of the drl's on your 2014-2015 Impala

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Impala DRL Conversion Harness
This harness is for those with 2014-2016 Non LTZ  Impala's that are looking into, or hav..
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