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GEN5DIY 5 Star Quality & Service

Halo harness is 5 star EOM quailty. OFER will respond to all ques..

Mike NJ

2013 Camaro 4-pack guage harness

I purchased the 4-pack gauge cluster for my 2013 Camaro not knowi..


MyLink upgrade

Kit came complete with through instructions and very well package..

Kevin McCally

Good well packaged delivery

Well, I just got my Steering wheel, shift knob and boot to my 201..

Per Malmqvist

Quick shout-out too Ofer for being awesome!

Hey guys, just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Ofer (2SSRS an..

X3n0s52 (camaro5)

Flashing Brake Lamp

Gen5DIY is now offering the kit to allow your third brake light to flash when the brakes are applied and also to allow your brake lights to flash on your 2014-2015.  This allows the driver's behind you a little extra warning sign that you are slowing down.

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Flashing Third Brake Lamp Kit
This kit allows for your 3rd brake lamp to flash when your brakes are applied.  The amount o..
Based on 1 reviews.
Rapid Fire Brake Lights 2014-2015 RS
Gen5DIY is now selling the rapid fire harness which allows your brake lights to flash 3 times bef..
Based on 1 reviews.