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Gen5 has some very nice after market items, for everyones taste. ..

Suzie LaFollette

GEN5DIY 5 Star Quality & Service

Halo harness is 5 star EOM quailty. OFER will respond to all ques..

Mike NJ

Nav Upgrade - 2015 Camaro

Very well done! I picked up a used nav head unit to upgrade my Ca..

Larry Kurek

2014 Camaro LS to RS Headlight Conversion

To start off I must say that Gen5 are the easiest and most suppor..

Emilio Negron Jr.

Awesome Customer Service!!!

So I found my self wanting to do the HUD on my 2010 Camaro after ..

Rodolfo Santiago

4 Pack Gauge Harness

Gen5DIY offers the harnesses needed  to add the 4 pack gauges to your 2010-2015 Camaro.   These are the harnesses only.  We also sell complete 4 pack gauge kits.  For the 2013-2015 models we offer a plug and play version as well as a t-tap version.

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2010-2012 4 Pack Gauge Harness 200100
Gen5DIY offers the harness to install 4 pack gauges into your "2010-2012" Camaro. ..
2013-2015 4 Pack Gauge Harness T-tap 200090
Gen5DIY now offers the harness to add 4 pack gauges to your 2013-2015 Camaro.  This harness ..
2013-2015 4 Pack Gauge Harness PNP 200080
Gen5DIY now offers the harness needed to add 4 pack gauges to your 2013-2015 Camaro,  T..
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