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2014 Camaro LS to RS Headlight Conversion

To start off I must say that Gen5 are the easiest and most suppor..

Emilio Negron Jr.

Non-RS to RS headlight harness

Ofer you are the man!! Thank you for all your time and effort you..

Chad Ennis

First Time--I'll Be A Lifetime Customer

Nordstrom level customer service is what I noticed and appreciate..

Kenneth Goodson

The DRL harness ROCKS!!

The service, speed of delivery on my DRL harness was top notch!! ..

Flyin Ryan Davis


I just wanted to say thank you to 2SSRS of Gen5 DIY for getting m..

Prime Time (camaro5)

Bumper Ports & Mailslots

Gen5DIY offers these bumper ports from ACS composite.

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ACS-T1 Bumper Port for Camaro Zl1 Fascia
  The ACS T1 front bumper port system is designed to enhance the already agressive Chevr..
$449.00 $399.99
ACS-T4 Front Bumper Ports (For Camaro SS Only, V8)
The ACS-T4 Bumper port system is a new port design for the Camaro SS front fascia 2010-2013 that ..
$464.00 $439.00
Camaro Big Mouth Mailslot Intake
Big Mouth is ACS' answer to the non-functional Camaro SS mailslot. The Big Mouth is practical..
$274.00 $249.00
Camaro SS, Functional Bumper (Mail Slot) Conversion Kit, rad support
The 5th Gen Camaro SS is instantly recognized by its signature bumper mail slot. The feature is d..
$239.00 $204.95
Camaro T2 Front Bumper Ports (For Camaro LS LT Only, V6)
DIY Kits and Components These are the same ports used in our T2 front fascia assemblies. A se..
$450.00 $429.00
Camaro T3/S Front Bumper Ports
DIY Kits and Components Replaces our T3 ports!!!!!!   A set of intake ports with..
$379.00 $334.95
Camaro T3 Front Bumper Ports (For Camaro SS Only, V8)
  DIY Kits and Components   These are the same ports used in our T3 front f..
$434.00 $389.00
Camaro T3 Front Bumper Side Ports (For Camaro SS Only, V8)
Add a sleek sporty feel to your Camaro SS. ACS T3 Bumper Extractor ports are installed on the sid..
$229.00 $214.00