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Halo harnes

Halo harnes Message pour les Camaristes Européen Livraiso..


MyLink Conversion

I worked with GEN5DIY to document the entire MyLink install inclu..


4-pack gauges are amazing!

I went down to Lake Havasu today and Ofer installed the 4 pack ga..

Ryan Young

First Time--I'll Be A Lifetime Customer

Nordstrom level customer service is what I noticed and appreciate..

Kenneth Goodson



Kashif Shah

Ext Mods

Ext Mods

Gen5DIY offers exterior modifications for your car.  We search and find what people want most and bring that to you the DIY’er.  Whether it’s a custom hood or upgrading headlights look here.

Please check back often as we will be creating these DIY style items to help you the consumer as soon as we can.

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Gen5DIY Fender Cover
     Gen5DIY is happy to announce the release of our fender cover's.  The..
Gen6 Camaro Black Chevy Bow Tie Emblems Front & Rear
     This GM kit includes both the front and the rear bowtie with a black inner fi..
$115.75 $105.25
Gen6 Camaro Front Camber/Caster Kit 520100
ter nearly a year of R&D, with several design iterations, Moreno Motorsports 6th gen camaro a..
Gen6 Camaro Illuminated Front Bowtie
     This GM front bowtie is illuminated to give your 6th Gen Camaro that extra co..
$275.00 $260.00
Gen6 Camaro RS Headlights
Looking to upgrade your headlights to the RS style on your 6th Gen Camaro, now you can with our R..
$1,599.99 $1,095.99
Based on 4 reviews.
Gen6 Camaro RS Taillights- Non RS to RS conversion 220050-a+b
Gen5DIY is now offering RS LED taillights for those wishing to upgrade their Non RS Gen6 Camaro. ..
$450.00 $255.00
Premium Magpad Gen6 Camaro
The premium 6th Gen CAMARO magnetic jack pads are made to be used with a floor jack with a flat t..
$70.48 $56.99