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Ofer, you are the man! Thank you so much!!

I have to say folks that Ofer at gen5diy is the MAN. I ordered P1..


Quick shout-out too Ofer for being awesome!

Hey guys, just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Ofer (2SSRS an..

X3n0s52 (camaro5)

2014, 4 Gauge harness

Installed the 4 gauge pack that I already had, with the Harness t..


First Time--I'll Be A Lifetime Customer

Nordstrom level customer service is what I noticed and appreciate..

Kenneth Goodson

Non-RS to RS headlight harness

Ofer you are the man!! Thank you for all your time and effort you..

Chad Ennis

ACS Composite

ACS Composite

Advanced Composite Specialties Inc. (ACS) is an OEM composite supplier offering Automotive Component solutions. ACS has proven its mark in the automotive industry by converting and upgrading previous hand lay up projects into a high quality RTM product. By doing so it has enabled it’s customers to increase their product output, reduce their reject rate and increase profitability. ACS assists its customers in product development, design, engineering, manufacturing, tooling design and fabrication.


Please check back as we will be adding products as soon as we can!!!

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Gen6 Camaro I4/ V6 LT ACS-T7 Splitter(2016-2017)
The latest Gen6 Camaro is simply stunning, won't take long to realize that a new front sp..
$449.00 $435.99
Gen6 Camaro V6 RS LT ACS Rear Deck Spoiler(2016-2017)
Camaro V6 RS LT 2016 Gen6 Rear Deck Spoiler  With the announcement of the Sixth Gen Cama..
$644.00 $610.00
Gen 6 Camaro ACS Side Rocker Moldings(2016-2017 All)
Side Rockers For The 2016 Camaro - A Perfect Design Beyond Improvement!   ..
$514.00 $490.00
Gen6 Camaro SS ACS-T6 Splitter(2016-2017)
The ACS T6 SS Splitter,  Driven by you the Camaro enthusiast our design engine..
$449.00 $435.99
Gen6 Camaro SS Rear Deck Spoiler(2016-2017)
Camaro SS 2016 Gen6 Rear Deck Spoiler  With the announcement of the Sixth Gen Camaro, AC..
$644.00 $610.00