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Camaro Frameless Mirror Kit V2

Camaro Frameless Mirror Kit V2
Camaro Frameless Mirror Kit V2
Brand: Gen5DIY Camaro
Product Code: 13FL2
Price: $260.00
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Looking to add the frameless mirror to your 2010-2011 Camaro?   Our frameless mirror kit allows you to do just that.  Kit includes an auto dim mirror with On-Star and wiring harness.  This kit is for 2010-2011 Camaro 2SS/2LT cars. 

Click here to download a PDF of the installation instructions



To install the new frameless mirror all you do is remove the old mirror, then plug in the new harness to the OEM wires and the new mirror with the male and female connecters and run the 2 wires ( red and green) along the headliner, push them in buy pulling the headliner down with your fingers, then pull the A pillar out to run the wires down to the fuse box, there you will add the Add-A-fuse to CLSTR fuse (F4).


Next run the next wire to the 4 pack gauges (for the 1SS and 1LT and all LS cars go to the connecter next to the hand brakes) now connect the male and female connectors in line with the 4 pack and then run the small connector behind the 4 pack to the drivers side and connect to its mate.




Next reinstall the 4 gauge pack, or the side panel of the center console for those of you with a LS/1LT/1SS camaro. Then all that's left is to reinstall the A pillar and connect the mirror, and then enjoy it of course.


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